Poster campaign
Technique: typesetting
Buenos Aires, June 2016

Juan Perón (1985–1974) was a lieutenant general and politician thrice elected President of Argentina. Politically, he was a populist who provided for and was supported by the masses, yet his regime was in many ways authoritarian and his admiration for Benito Mussolini is well documented. He transformed Argentina’s economy, its social structure, and its political culture in ways that continue to shape Argentine reality. The Peronist political party is nowadays the largest party in the Congress.

On 18 September 1945, Perón gave a speech known as “de la casa al trabajo y del trabajo a la casa”, meaning “from home to work and from work to home”. Changing the word “casa” (home) in “caja” (meaning both box or bank), we started this campaign on the streets of Buenos Aires.